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    "I Have Never Smoked Another Cigarette!"

    My friend told me about Mark's programs. I decided to try it them. I started on November 17 2006 and from that day I have never smoked another cigarette. I owe my life to Mark. I could not have done it with out him and his help."
    - Bonnie Stovall

    "I Stopped Smoking and Lost 60 lbs."


    "Non-smoker after 30 years"


    "I've got this I don't need cigarettes!!!!"

    Tonight in Wellsville NY I got to meet Larry at the quit smoking seminar. He was amazing!!! By the time I left I smashed my cigarettes, cried like 5 times and didn't feel like I wanted a cigarette. I can't explain enough how much of a life changer tonight has been. I am not worried about tomorrow because mark Patrick quit smoking seminar taught me that I've got this I don't need cigarettes!!!! Well well well worth the money!!!
    - Mindy B. Wellsville, NY

    "I found the seminar to be extremely beneficial!"

    A friend and I recently attended a MP Seminar for the smoking portion. I found the seminar to be extremely beneficial! The speaker triggered a part of my mind that had been asleep for quite some time. In addition, he impressively educated us with facts associated with smoking, eating, how our mind views these items. ......and how we can, if one is willing to open and work with their subconscious and submissive conscious mind, has the power and ability to change, alter or reset the way our minds work and we think. 
    - Tracy M., Parkersburg, WV

    "Hasn't smoked in 4 months"


    "I Have Not Had Any Desire To Smoke!"

    "I have been smoking since I was 13 now 43. I did the program I have not had any desire to smoke. Thank you for helping me out."
    - Lourdes P., PA

    "Stopped After 25 Years!"

    "It's amazing to be able to quit after 25 years without any problems." - Jeanne C. Peterstown WV

    "It's been a few months I am completely smoke-free now"

    I went to the seminar a few months ago with some coworkers from Work who needed to stop smoking. I am trying a whole lot of things in the past to stop smoking and they would work for a few weeks and then stop. I have spent a lot of money on prescription drugs gums nicotine patches etc. i even tried acupuncture. My stop smoking goal was not only to improve my health so that every time I run upstairs I am not out of breath. It's hard to keep up with my kids when you have to stop every so often. Anyways it's been a few months I am completely smoke-free now.
    - Ivette B., Witherbee, NY

    "Over 1 Year Already As Non Smoker!"


    "I am amazed and so very thankful! It works, it really works!!!!"

    Hi mark. .. I just wanted to say Im a non smoker. After 50 plus yrs of smoking 2 plus packs a day I am a non smoker. You did it for me and it was so easy.i have no urges. I've gained 5 lbs but I don't care. I feel GREAT. I can breath again and food tastes so much better. If you wana quit smoking call Mark. It works. Woohoo. Thank you again Mark........Thomas. 
    - Thomas R., Bella Vista, CA

    "Going to Mark Patrick's Hypnosis Seminar has saved my life."

    Going to Mark Patrick's Hypnosis Seminar has saved my life. Thank you to Mark Patrick's Hypnosis Seminars!!!!
    - Karen O., Leicester, MA

    "I Have Not Had Any Desire To Smoke!"

    "My husband & I both did the program four months ago. We haven’t smoked at all. I have no desire to smoke. We have recommended this program to everyone we know who smokes. This program is the best thing that happened to us."
    - Tommi & Andrew E., Pillow PA.

    "What I Lost Was A Bad Habit!"

    "I was a smoker for 25 years. I tried several methods to quit...all unsuccessful. I heard about Marks programs and I was a little skeptical, but thought what the heck it has a money back guarantee, what can I lose? What I lost was a bad habit! I feel great...not to mention my daughter is proud of me!" - Tammy M

    "I am amazed and so very thankful! It works, it really works!!!!"

    I want to thank Mark Patrick and his employees for an incredible job! I went to the "Stop Smoking" seminar (my 1st seminar) on November 10th, 2015. I was alittle skeptical I will admit. Well, if you had told me that after 40+ years I could stop smoking just like that, I would have never believed you. On that date, I threw away a pack of cigarettes and haven't had one since. I am amazed and so very thankful! It works, it really works!!!! I was so impressed, I just recently went to the "Weight Loss" seminar, I will keep you posted as to my progress. Thanks again if has been a wonderful experience!
    - Cheryl S., Nashua, NH

    "I Stopped Smoking after 30 years"


    "Stopped smoking after 29 years"

    Thank you Mark Patrick after 29 years of smoking 2-3 packs I have not smoked since Jan.14 2015. All of my family and my co-workers can't believe that I don't smoke anymore.I was able to control the few urges that I had and I listened to the CD every night. Most important I did not smoke on the way home. Thanks again.
    - Sandra C., La Vergne, TN

    "Stopped Smoking After 43 Years!!!"

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