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Cindie Baker's Review

Cyndie Stopped Smoking After 40 Years!



JOHN: This is John and I'm on the phone with Cindie. Cindie, can you tell everybody a little bit about yourself and where you're from?

CINDIE: Hi, John. This is Cindie Baker and I'm from The Rocket City, Huntsville, Alabama. I’ve recently retired. I was a healthcare professional for 36 years. I’ve been a smoker for 40 years, one pack a day. And I recently, January, 13th, attended a seminar for smoking cessation and I’m very proud to say I’m no longer a smoker.

JOHN: So, how long in your life did you smoke for?

CINDIE: 40 years.

JOHN: Wow. So, Cindie, give us a—wow, that’s a long time.

CINDIE: That’s a long time and a pack a day. And had no desire to quit when I went to the seminar. It was something that my grandchildren wanted me to do. They told me they wanted their grandchildren to have the same nanna that they were able to have and that they wouldn’t going to be able to if I didn’t quit smoking. So, for my grandchildren, I have eight of them, I against my wishes, went to the seminar to see if it would help. If it would work. I didn’t have to drive on my own to do it because I didn’t want to quit smoking.

JOHN: So, give us a couple of examples Cindie, of the things that you tried before to help stop smoking?

CINDIE: I had tried cold turkey and that was just hell for several days before I would go back smoking again. I’ve tried the Chantix which really didn’t help me at all. I tried the NicoDerm patches and even smoking as long as I did, the NicoDerm patches were too strong and I couldn’t use them. So, I had tried several things on the market and cold turkey, nothing seemed to work for me.

JOHN: So, what was the longest you ever stopped for?

CINDIE: Well, in 2001 I had breast cancer and it took me a good year to get over the surgeries and treatments and all of this stuff. And probably about 17 months during that time I didn’t smoke simply because I was just too sick to smoke.

JOHN: Cindie, what were your expectations coming to a Mark Patrick seminar?

CINDIE: I was hoping they could make me quit smoking whether I wanted to or not.

JOHN: What changes have you noticed since the seminar?

CINDIE: Well, I do not smoke. I have been able to stop one of allergy medicines. I have gained eight pounds since January, which was a problem for me to gain some weight but I have gained eight pounds. And it’s because I can taste. My tongue doesn’t have all that thick film on the top of it and my food simply tastes better.

JOHN: Cindie, if there’s one statement or a word of advice you would give someone thinking about coming to a Mark Patrick seminar, what would it be?

CINDIE: If you want to smoke, if you want to stop smoking for yourself or for whatever reason you want to quit but have found it impossible, this is the thing for you. It takes the pain out. I have absolutely no cravings. It’s the darndest thing I have ever seen in my life. I literally cannot remember ever smoking. I cannot. It’s only been two and a half months since I quit smoking and I literally cannot imagine holding one those things in my hand. I don’t find it repulsive. I don’t care that other people smoke. I just don’t think about smoking, period. It never crosses my mind. It’s amazing.

JOHN: It’s amazing.