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Cindy Chester's Review

Cindy Chester Lost 45 Pounds!



JOHN: This is John from Mark Patrick Seminars and I’m on the phone with Cynthia. Cynthia, can you tell everybody about yourself and where you’re from?

CINDY: Hi. I go by Cindy. I’m from Southern Illinois. I’m currently married and I’m a fitness instructor and I also work at a library for our collage that’s here in town.

JOHN: Whoa. So, you’re pretty busy. Cindy, how much have you lost so far?

CINDY: Since Mach 5th—so, it’s been about five months. I’ve lost 45 pounds.

JOHN: Wow. Incredibly. Cindy, what type of environment did you grow up in?

CINDY: I grew up as an only child. I had two wonderful parents and a mom that cooked meals and stuff, but I’ve been a picky eater all my life, so I really didn’t eat the meals and stuff that they did. I was more of a just a peanut butter and jelly kind of person or toasted cheese sandwiches, beefaroni. Didn’t eat a lot of different things. And that cooked good food but I just didn’t like it.

JOHN: Wow. Yes, I’ve heard those before. Cindy, give us a couple of examples of the programs you’ve tried before to lose weight.

CINDY: Honestly, I’ve never been a big program trier just because I am such a picky eater that when I look into them they have specific food or you have to eat this many vegetables or you have to do this or you have to do that, so that has always deterred me in my life. I’ve tried to do things on my own, so maybe eating low fat or only counting calories, looking at that kind of stuff, but it was just more of me trying to do it and not maybe knowing exactly what I should have been looking for.

JOHN: Cindy, what was the most weight you have lost in the past.

CINDY: Eighty-nine pounds.

JOHN: Wow, that’s pretty good. So, you did pretty well. You did that all on your own then?

CINDY: Yes. Yes, I did.

JOHN: Cindy, what do you think was the reason for gaining the weight back?

CINDY: There’s been different reasons over the years. I have hurt myself and then when I’m not able to exercise or something isn’t the way I think it should be, me personally, I start going, “Well, maybe today I won’t do this.” And when I don’t, then I make poor choices. So, if I’m not exercising I for some reason eat bad food. I don’t eat bad food and then exercise and think, Oh, it’ll be fine.” I completely stop one thing and then start eating what I shouldn’t be.

JOHN: Gotcha. Cindy, what were your expectations coming to a Mark Patrick seminar?

CINDY: What’s interesting about is I have heard about these seminars for years. For years. And I’m not necessarily a skeptic but just thought, “You know what? I don’t need to try it, I’ll do what I can.” So, I thought this time I was ready to try to make myself the better version that I wanted to, so my expectations I set really low and decided I’m not going to have any big wide thinking, this is going to be my miracle. I’m going to go in there, listen to what they have to say, try to learn maybe something different that I hadn’t in the past or listen better and hope for the best that it can make me where I needed to be or wanted to be.

JOHN: Wow. That’s terrific. That’s a great setup for yourself. Cindy, what changes have you noticed since the seminar?

CINDY: It’s been amazing. And if you ask the people around me, they’re so surprised. I am not a cook kind of person because I don’t like a lot of things. I was a processed food person. Like, “Okay. I don’t care that it’s processed, whatever.” But, I came out of there and decided I was going to try a few new things. I’d never cooked a hamburger in my life. So, I went and got meat, hamburger meat and thought, “Okay. Let me try this.” Because it had a bunch of proteins and started cooking hamburgers. I started cooking chicken. Never done that in my life either. And the things I got from the program made such a difference for me. I feel better. I look better. I have a better train of thought and understanding of why I am having these changes. Not just because I took this food away or took that food away. I can now—I’m just a more positive person because of the way I feel. I have talked about it constantly. I’ve had six people now try the program since I did.

JOHN: So, then, Cindy, if there’s one statement or a word of advice you’d give someone thinking coming to a seminar, what would that be?

CINDY: If you don’t think you’re worth $50, you need to think again. Because $50 for the possibility, just the possibility, to change your life and maybe be where you want to be, you should value yourself and do it. I am so thankful for the Mark Patrick seminar coming to my area. I know a lot of people that don’t have the opportunity because they’d have to drive far distances, but I would suggest they try it. And because of it I have a new outlook and I feel like this is not something I have to try, this is just how I am now. I am so thankful that he put this program together and had these wonderful people that come and help us learn and be the best versions of ourselves that we possibly can, so thank you.