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Mike Kellers's Review

Mike Keller Lost 55 Pounds!



JOHN: This is John, and I'm on the phone with Mike. Hey, Mike, can you tell everybody a little bit about yourself and where you're from?

MIKE: Okay. I am originally from Wisconsin. I was in the service for 12 and a half years. I got out, I'm on disability now. And I live in a little town south of Lancy (?) called Onondaga. I’ve been here for 12 years.

JOHN: Great. Mike, how much have you lost so far?

MIKE: 55 pounds.

JOHN: Wow, incredible. What type of environment did you grow up in?

MIKE: I’m the oldest of four children. I left home right out of high school. I went into the air force. I was typical family in Wisconsin, nothing really out of the ordinary. I learned how to cook when I was young and I’m the victim of my own cooking.

JOHN: That’s great. Give us some examples of programs that you’ve tried before to lose the weight.

MIKE: Oh, I’ve tried Atkins and there were several fad diets. I can’t remember the names of all. I jo-jo-ed. I’d lose the weight and I’d put it back on. I’d lose the weight and I’d put it back on. Now, I’ve never lost this much weight before. I’m really monitoring myself to make sure I don’t put it back on.

JOHN: So, what is the most weight you have lost in the past?

MIKE: Probably about 40 pounds.

JOHN: What do you think the reason is for gaining the weight back?

MIKE: Well, some of it was due to emotion. I was definitely an emotional eater and I’ve had some kind of traumatic things happen to me.

JOHN: Gotcha.

MIKE: But I think I’ve got those under control listening to the CDs that I’ve got and I’ve downloaded an app to my phone called My Fitness Pal. I log everything I eat. If it goes over the lips, it goes on to the phone.

JOHN: So, what were your expectations coming in to a Mark Patrick seminar?

MIKE: That’s interesting. I had expectation of there being some supplements that I had to buy and I say the word have to. That’s not really the case. Except, I tell the story. I knew that there was going to be more to it if I really wanted the success that I want and it would be, not hard for me to go to the casino and drop $400. And I decided that well, if I gamble $400 here and don’t lose, it’s no worse than when I went to the casino. Except, unlike the casino which you win at once in a while, this was a winner right from the beginning.

JOHN: Very good. So, Mike, what changes have you noticed since the seminar?

MIKE: First of all, I’m a chocoholic and I have not had a piece of chocolate candy or any kind of candy for that matter, since October 23rd of 2017 and that’s awesome all by itself. But, I also learned about some of the diet aids like I used to drink Crystal Light by the gallon. Peach Tea, I love the stuff. And that’s something else that I haven’t had since the 23rd of October. So, I pretty much have gotten away from the artificial sweeteners. The only artificial sweetener I have once in a while, maybe a couple cans of Diet Mountain Dew in a week’s time. Everything else I pretty much gone back to sugar and that’s kind of a surprising thing. I’m cooking with sugar and I’m losing weight.

JOHN: Incredible. So, if there is one statement or a word of advice you would give someone thinking about coming to a seminar, what would it be?

MIKE: Don’t be afraid to bet on yourself. Go all in. I don’t think a person can go halfway in this and achieve the kind of success that I have without going all in.