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Ted Ranson's Review

Ted Ranson Lost 100 Pounds!



JOHN: Hi, this is John. I'm on the phone with Ted. Hey, Ted, can you tell everybody a little bit about yourself and where you're from?

TED: Sure. I am from West Virginia. I am a mortgage manager for one of the largest banks in West Virginia. So, a lot of stress in that job and just a very, very busy and very sedimentary lifestyle however, sitting behind the desk most of the time.

JOHN: So, how much weight have you lost so far?

TED: I've lost a little over a 100 pounds from the Mark Patrick seminars. And so, that's really helped me to not only lose it but also to keep it off.

JOHN: So, Ted, what type of environment did you grow up in?

TED: I had a wonderful family where—and my mother would always cook these huge meals. And so, and it was always one of those things where you need to eat everything on your plate. There are people starving throughout the world and we need to make certain that since we have this food we need to eat it. It was one of those almost a guilt thing where I needed to eat everything that was in front of me. That's what kind of thought me to eat everything that I was given. Just to help those starving individuals throughout the rest of the world. Which is kind of crazy when you think about it.

JOHN: Sounds like most of us and the environment we grew up in. So, Ted, give us an example of some of the programs that you have tried before to lose weight.

TED: I probably tried almost anything that was out there. In fact, the Mark Patrick seminar was actually my last resort before doing a gastric bypass or some type of surgery. You almost name it, I tried it. I’ll never forget. It was a birthday gift from the colleagues because we were talking and I said all of a sudden, “Really, I’m going to do something and in two or three years my next alternative. I don’t really want to do that, but I don’t see that I’m going to be able to get anything else accomplished unless I do.” And then, for my birthday she said, “There is this Mark Patrick seminar that’s hypnosis and I’m going to—” She’s bought it for me. And so, I went. That was the first one I attended. I went to it and after that, I actually lost the first 80 pounds from that and it really has helped a lot. I didn’t have to do the more serious thing that I really didn’t want to do. And not only was it the diet part, but it was also the exercise. I had asked Mark Patrick to provide me some additional information, some additional CDs on the exercise part to make me want to exercise and that really helped as well.

JOHN: Terrific. So, what’s the most weight you have lost in the past?

TED: I think the 100—I’ve lost a 104 pounds is the most that I lost and that was my most recent weight lost.

JOHN: Gotcha. So, in the past with the other programs, what was the most you ever able to lose?

TED: I think like I’ve lost 60 and then I would gain it back. And then, I lost 60 and then I would gain it back. But, with this last, the 100—I’ve only gained four pounds back. That’s the reason I said a 100 because I lost a 104 and now I am back to a 100. So, I just need to get. And you know, really through Christmas and the changes in the weather and not being able to be outside as much as before, I’ve only gained four pounds, is that bad? So, right now, I’m back trying to get that last four pounds by fall.

JOHN: So, in the past, what do you think was the reason for gaining the weight back?

TED: For me, it’s lack of focus. And actually, I’m a stress eater. And so, whenever I’m stressed, I want to eat. It’s basically, I guess looking within myself knowing that I don’t need that. And that’s one of the things I think that Mark Patrick seminar teaches you to do is you don’t need that food. That there are other things that you need to be able to do in order to not eat and use that as defense mechanism I guess for whenever there are times of stress.

JOHN: So, what were your expectations when you were coming to the Mark Patrick seminar?

TED: I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I really didn’t. I was truly a little bit skeptical, thinking is this really going to work. Is this really going to do anything. But, I think it’s important to just believe. And I know that that may sound crazy. I didn’t really have a lot of expectations, I truly didn’t. And I’m thinking, “Okay, this is hocus-pocus or whatever.” Which it actually wasn’t. It wasn’t for me, anyway. So, I can’t say that I really had—I honestly didn’t know what to expect I guess for lack of a better statement.

JOHN: Okay. So, what changes have you noticed since the seminar?

TED: It’s kind of interesting because whenever I—during the seminar there were things that when you’re under hypnosis that they say to do as imagine that food, now imagine it as disgusting. And so, I’ve had this in some instances just reprogram myself. So, back in, not necessarily into the hypnotic state, but just remember those things and look again at myself and say, “Okay. I really don’t want that piece of cake. It’s not good for me.” I really don’t. And so, that’s one of the things I’ve been able to do. And so, I’ve reached out to Mark Patrick in the past. And almost. It was my first session with him and he is the one that actually did it, Mark Patrick, was when I actually did the seminar. It was several years ago and I could even still to this day 12 years later can almost go through everything that he said during that seminar. And even though it’s been that long, I guess it still is somewhere back in my memory bank, so I remember all those things that we discussed. And I have to look back to those those things. Dealing with certain types of food that aren’t good for me. That really helped again, with even my current weight loss situation and keeping the weight off.

JOHN: So, if there’s one statement Ted, or word of advice, that you would give someone thinking about coming to a seminar, what would it be?

TED: Honestly, it’s come with an open mind and realize anything is possible. So, that was two statements but I think it’s just you know, try it. It really does work but you have to be committed to what you’re going to hear and what you’re going to experience. So, it’s almost belief because it is possible and it will work if you will believe.